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wangpeng Oct 9 '17

1, the ground is not smooth, there are rugged small pit bag, floor pavement, the moisture film was broken, resulting in breathable. Take measures to flatten the floor before installing the floor. Pavement, the ground has sand, no clean, the moisture film broken,Hot Sale Recyclable WPC Floor resulting in breathable. The plan is to clean the ground before pavement.

2, pavement when the moisture-proof film joints do not sticky Yan, resulting in breathable. Should be moisture-proof film with adhesive tape,composite park bench boards it is best to use more than 60mm width plastic tape to ensure that moisture-proof membrane airtight. Individual areas using electric heating, due to the use of electricity tariff peak, valley, flat fee method, that is, after 12 o'clock after the electricity half price (valley), many users switch off during the day, after 12 o'clock in the electric device to open, and indoor The temperature is adjusted to 27 ~ 30 ℃, the surface temperature in a short time to reach nearly 100 ℃,decorative terlocking wall panels resulting in moisture film damage, resulting in breathable, so that the floor discoloration, deformation.

3, which violates the requirements of geothermal heating (surface temperature control at about 40 ℃). It is recommended that users should be changed to 24 hours of continuous heating, otherwise, the color should be responsible for the user. Flooring pavement to the interface with the wet interface, such as: bathroom, kitchen, veneer balcony, etc., should be back up the moisture-proof membrane,interlocking foam dance floor with a moisture-proof membrane wrapped around the edge of the floor to prevent moisture into, reduce and avoid the area of ​​the floor Discoloration and deformation.