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wangpeng Sep 22 '17

Wood floor after the insects, no matter what kind of method, as soon as possible to solve these insects, to maintain family peace and comfort. If the wood flooring has been found in the phenomenon of worm damage, seize the time and timely treatment is the most direct and effective way. Some consumers use their own insecticide for insecticide,Suelo decorativo de bajo coste if the method or the agent is not right, not only can not achieve the purpose of de-worming, there may be the best time to delay the removal of insects, it is recommended that you try not to use this approach.

There are consumers that wood flooring is a small area of ​​insect erosion, can be used to inject kerosene injection syringe solution,fábrica de revestimiento de pared en Finlandia but this method will have the residual smell of kerosene, and only a small area to use. Some people even think that the wooden floor pavement before the ground sprinkle a layer of charcoal, charcoal or pepper and other things can effectively prevent the insects, experts believe that this approach is not desirable.

Charcoal, charcoal, although in the short term can absorb moisture, but does not digest the moisture, often again released,deck de madera compuesto de Malasia the same can not reach the purpose of moisture. And the practice of pepper is also undesirable, usually dry pepper can be insect repellent, but many examples show that pepper is often caused by wet insects and then caused the wood floor insects.

The production of insects need to have a certain humidity and temperature, so if the wood floor insects, the vast majority of the reasons for the dampness of the disaster, so the key is pest control moisture. Consumers in a timely manner to the professional wood flooring vendors where to find a solution,proveedor pagar beton di malaysia formal wood flooring business will have a professional staff door insects. Pest control method is to install the wood floor to the ground to do more than a layer of moisture treatment, or brush a layer of moisture-proof paint.